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Hayden & Stacey | CPUT Hotel School

For a long time everyone in Cape Town was complaining about our "long" winter.  Well, on Hayden and Stacey's wedding we got a "taste" of summer.  It was really really very HOT!!!  To top it all the ceremony was outside at 12:00...(eish)

Hayden and Stacey got married and had their reception at CPUT Hotel School.  I was very impressed with this venue, their service and food was excellent.  

Unfortunately I didn't have time to take photos of Stacey before the ceremony, because the make-up artist was late.  I just wish that all wedding service providers will realize that we all are depending on oneanother. 

This is another HUGE post with more that 150 photos.  I hope you will enjoy it.




  1. Awesome photos, nicely done under difficult and harsh "light".

  2. Above photos are just superb! Each and every photo is full of life and denotes the exact emotion of a specific moment.Superb photographic skills along with intense passion is needed to inject lives into photos.Hope,to see some more pics here in the near future.

  3. Absolutely beautiful pics Hayden and Stacey! May your lives together be just as beautiful! Well done Mr Photographer! Might just book you for my wedding! LOL


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