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Cape Town night engagement shoot with Marné and Wyno.

When I saw the beautiful Christmas lights in Cape Town I just knew that I wanted to do a shoot there at night.  When Marné booked me for their wedding photos in Dec 2012, I offered to do an engagement shoot for them.  My plan was then to go to Cape Town for the shoot.  I was very excited when they agreed upon the location.  Everything was organized and planned, except we couldn't plan and order the wind.  It was a very windy night in Cape Town, but I am happy with the results.
 As many of you would know, I was a teacher before I started photography.  Marné and Wyno were both learners in the school when I was teaching.  It is always great to take photos of past pupils.  I an looking forward to your wedding in December.



  1. I know Karin, Marne's mom since school days when she initiated me when I went to St.6 (Durbanville High School). Two years ago I found out that Karin is a wine maker at Klein Roosboom wine arm. During a visit for wine tasting on their farm I met Marne and Wyno already going out. It seems like she just got even more beautiful during the two years. With her beautiful face alone I would say she is model status, very photogenic. In their engagement photo's it is clearly visible. Of course with Wyno and his charm in his own way completes these pictures as he and Marne make out an "item" for photography.
    They are just gorgeous! Well done you two as well as you Charl.

  2. There is only one word for this shoot: STUNNING!


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