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Being able to use your flash empowers you to have a fantastic tool in your camera bag.  Yes, I agree, I also love beautiful soft natural light images, but, there are just certain things you as a photographer will never be able to do without understanding your flash and Off-Camera Flash.  And this is exactly what I want to show you and help you with.

Most Off-Camera Flash workshops will show you how to use very expensive lights to create spectacular images, but, not all of us have big budgets to buy those expensive flash systems.  I will show you what you can do with only ONE flash and cheap light modifiers.

There are NO reason to be afraid of a flash, believe me, once you GET it, you will start shooting in other creative ways, thinking out of the box and not just looking for the "soft" light options anymore.

This will change your photography TOTALLY.

*  1 day only - 22 Sept 2018
*  R2000  (R1500 Non-Refundable booking fee)

*  13:00 - 20:00 (eish)
Accommodation can be arranged.
*  @ New Life Studio in Durbanville




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