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Paint with Light

Ewert and Jana booked me for a Paint with Light shoot because they wanted something different. We wanted to do the shoot before their wedding but we had some really bad weather.  So, we did the shoot a few days after their wedding.  I am really happy with the results.

Just some info for everyone who is thinking that the "light streaks" was edited in afterwards:  NO, it was not, this is the way the photo was taken.


Top and Bottom photo was Painted by Ewert and Jana :)

My camera settings for most of the photos:
Canon 5d Mark 2
30sec exposure
ISO 800



  1. Dude, is dit net Paint with Light of is daar edit ook betrokke? Want dit is freaken awesome!!!

  2. Charl, jy is awesome! Ons het n ball gehad tydens die shoot. Baie baie dankie.

  3. I cant even write that neatly with a pen and paper ;) Mine never seems to work - always come out wonky!!!

  4. Looks like you had some fun...its always great when you get some wonderful creative images...and these are great Charl.

  5. This is really some of the best Paint with light photos i have ever seen, you are a true artist!!!


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