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11-11-11 at 11:11 | Mike & Slevlana | Klein Roosboom

From Russia with Love.  

This is a love story made in heaven.  Mike (not so young any more) decided that he didn't want to get old alone ;)  He started to look at on-line dating sites and there he saw Slevlana's profile and they started to mail each other. Slevlana is from Russia and after a few years (if I remember correctly) of emailing Mike decided to go and visit Slevlana in Russia.  After the visit they emailed for another year or so and then Slevlana came to visit Mike in South Africa.  After this visit they knew that they wanted to get married. Again, if I remember correctly, They dated for 5 years over email and today they are married.  I have to say, it was really fun shooting them because they are just so in love and giglly:)   Just so very awesome!!!  They had their reception at the very beautiful and intimate Klein Roosboom near Durbanville.

 The Russian translator...

 Slevlana recieving a Russian Bible...


 Ryno explain all the email Mike did at work...



  1. WOW, stunning soos altyd!!

  2. Congrats,...
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