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Table Mountain | 7 Wonders of Nature

This is a Re-Post because of our beautiful Table Mountain.  And the awesome thing is that Table Mountain is 1 of the 7 Wonders of Nature, How amazing is that!!! 

 A few months ago I attended U2 360 show in the Cape Town Stadium.  At the show I realised that I would love to take photos of the stadium at night.  So, I was waiting for the next night event at the stadium.  Thank you Neil Diamond.  Two friends and I left to take some photos of the stadium. We were really so lucky, I took 5 photos of the stadium and then the show started and they switched off all the lights and there were no more photo opportunities of the stadium.  So, we turned our attention to Table Mountain and the city.  

I hope that you enjoy my photos of the MOST AMAZING CITY in the World :)

If there is a photo that didn't load correctly, press the F5 key, Thanx.

Chris taking some photos.

I was standing in the road taking photos, then a car came and I had to get out of the way.  This was the result of me running from the road.  Happy boobo :)



  1. AMAZING photos by a very talented photographer!!!

  2. Nee kyk Charl, jy mag maar foto's neem. Jy laat my sommer terug verlang Kaap toe. Hier in die Vrystaat en Gauteng waar ons is, is daar nie sulke stunning plekke nie!


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