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27 April 2009 | Jill & Tyrone | LANZERAC

Wedding no: 110

Wedding date: 27 April 2009
Bride preparation venue: Lanzerac Hotel
Ceremony venue: Lanzerac garden
Photography venue: Lanzerac
Reception venue:Lanzerac

Wedding planner:
Cream Library
083 666 1000

This was my first wedding at Lanzerac. What a beautiful place. I haven't worked with wedding planners a lot in the past, but working with Cream Library was truly great, they really know how to organize a special day.

Doing Tyrone & Jill's wedding photos was really great. They are a lovely couple you are SO in love with one another. I hope you enjoy their photos...



  1. So so so Beautiful!!!!! The photography really brings out the atmosphere experienced at this most gorgeous wedding!!!!

    Beautiful Jill & Ty!!

  2. Comments on Facebook:

    Robyn Roodt:
    Totally gorgeous! congrats again Mr and Mrs Brand!!!

    Juanita Caswell:
    The best wedding photos I have ever seen...YOU GUYS LOOK MOST ADORABLE, BEAUTIFUL & BEYOND STUNNING:-)

    Zeenat Norton:
    Stunning Ty!

    Robyn Pietersen:
    They are beautiful!!!!!

    Zoe Hair:

    Camillah West:
    lovely altogether lovely

    Shandré Joy Adonis:
    absolutely beautiful...WOW...BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Tanya van Sitters:
    You guys look stunning and the photos proof it.

    Rochelle Jullies:
    WOW! Ur pictures are stunning!

  3. Beautifull venue, wonderfull pics - Blessed couple. May the rest of your lives be just as funfilled! Deziré Kriel


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