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Beautiful Noise | Niel & Abigail

This was my first wedding I photographed in Gauteng.  Niel is a South African Christian Worship Artist. 
He went to Nashville, USA, to record his CD there and then he met Abigail.  Niel and Abigail had a small and intimate morning wedding at The Lombary Boutique Hotel in Pretoria.  It was such a great day with family and friends.  

We did the couple photo session before the ceremony...



  1. Charl, thanks for doing such a fine job on these photos. I love the color, the backdrops, the expressions. Well done!

  2. Dearest Readers,

    Your wedding day is the most incredible and amazing experience of our life, mine was, and there are so many irreplaceably beautiful moments that you will never want to let go of because of how magical they made you feel. Charl is an amazing photographer and he gave my husband and I a way to relive those moments again and again. If you’re interested in capturing the magical moments in your life, I would definitely recommend that you allow Charl to help you do just that. He is great to work with, very flexible, provides you with the photos that you want for your memories and all for a great price!

    Thank you Charl for giving us such a beautiful way to remember our greatest moment! We really appreciate your service and love the photos!

    The Higgins'

  3. Congratulations to Niel and Abigail. And the wedding Photographer Gauteng of agape studio you have done simply stunning photography, you make simple expressions and gestures look great in your clicks, and the colors are perfectly blended in each of your clicked photographs.


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