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16 Sept 2011 | Lunga and Londi | Kleinevalleij

This was my first African wedding :)  and I have to say that I really enjoyed the atmosphere.  There is one thing you can't pose, and that is the "sparkle" in the eye when 2 people look at each other.  Lunga and Londi are so in love, even after 16 years being together, well done guys.  That is so great to see!!!  They had a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at Kleinevalleij.  I have done many weddings at Kleinevalleij, but really have to compliment them on great service and a beautiful venue.

This is a huge post with more than 170 photos.
If there is a photo that didn't load correctly, press the F5 key to REFRESH, Thanx.

 After shooting the photos of the shoes, I saw the Praying mantis on the Cactus.

 Lunga and Londi has a 6 year old boy.  He made the most awesome and special toast on his parents.  I almost had a tear in my eye ;)



 This was the wedding with the most "second shooters" have have ever seen :)

Service Providers:

Reception venue: Kleinevalleij
Bride Preparation venue:  Monte Video
Dress:  Londi's Aunt Des
Shoes: Europa Art Shoes
Make-up: Gayle
Flowers: Floral Affairs
Stationary: Trendy settings
DJ: DJ Dean
Video: Crosst Over Video
Wedding planner: Sipo



  1. Wow....i'm lost for words beatifull!!!!do you do other provinces as well

  2. Wow Charl!! Great great photo's!! Londy is my ex boss, so have a soft spot, but you are sooo good, I will surely follow your blog together with jerry ghionis for inspiration!! Xx Karen Smit


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