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16 July 2011 | Marina & Handré | Kleinevalleij

My 200th wedding in 6 years :)

 Getting married in the middle of the winter in the Western Cape is a HUGE gamble. Marina and Handré had one of those perfect winter days. I just love winter weddings - nice cool weather, beautiful green grass and stunning soft light.  Marina and Handré are from Lutzville and decided to have their wedding in the beautiful Boland.  They got married in the beautiful NG Church in Wellington and chose Kleinevalleij Function Centre for their reception venue.  I have done a few weddings here in the past and just love shooting and working here.    

I hope you enjoy their photos.  This ia a huge post with almost 150 photos.
If there is a photo that didn't load correctly, press the F5 key to REFRESH, Thanx.


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Service Providers:
Assistant:  Tiana Smith:  Agapé Studio
Reception venue: Kleinevalleij
Preparation venue: Monte Video
Make-up and hair: Alicia Buckle
Dress: Ilse Roux
DJ: Cape DJ's
Cake: Florentine's
Decor and flowers: Rassie Marais /  Mint & Magnolia

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  1. Beautifull pics Charl; jy't 'n goeie oog! Handre en Marina, dankie dat ons in julle dag kon deel en seenwense!

  2. Sjoe! Die fotos is almal wenners! Geluk Charl en Tiana!

  3. Pragtig! ; )

    Hanlie & Nicholas

  4. Oom Charl, Tannie Bettie, Johann, Petra en ChristinaJuly 25, 2011 at 2:47 PM

    Hallo jul 2! Julle het pragtig gelyk! Baie geluk met jul huwelik! Julle fotos is pragtig.
    Groete Oom Charl, Tannie Bettie, Johann, Petra en Christina

  5. Hi Marina,

    Hoop jy het toe jou wynboer getrou!

    Baie geluk!

  6. Sjoe Marina maar julle fotos is STUNNING! Jy het so PRAGTIG gelyk!!Baie baie geluk julle twee!

  7. Oom Louis en tannie BabaraJuly 25, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    Ai maar julle 2 is so gelukkig en het so mooi gelyk, Handre ek stem met jou saam Sjoe sy was so mooi, mag julle 2 se lewe verder net so mooi wees. Dankie dat ons die dag met jul kon deel. en jul foto's is so pragtig.

  8. WOW, baie geluk met jou 200ste troue!!! Dit is fantasties. Hierdie troue se fotos spreek van talentvolle fotograaf met BAIE ondervinding (200 troues). Baie voorspoed vir die volgende 200.

  9. Die foto's is pragtig en jul twee het baie , baie mooi gelyk

  10. Baie geluk, julle het pragtig gelyk!


  11. Pragtige pragtige fotos, Marina! Julle is so 'n mooi paartjie! Mag daar baie jare se liefde en geluk vir julle voorle xox


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