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Admired in Africa

A few weeks ago I applied to advertise on a Wedding Service Providers website.  I was "pretty" disappointed when they told me that my "image" and "profile" did not fit their Blog and that I can't advertise with them.  I am still wondering whats "wrong" with my "image" and "profile".

The next week I recieved some AWESOME news from Admired in Africa.  They invited Agapé Studio to join their website as one of the Best Photographers in Africa.

I guess that my "image" and "proflie" is good enough for THE TOP WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN AFRICA website.

From their website:
“Admired in Africa is the only website that is exclusively dedicated to bringing together the top wedding photographers in Africa. By holding our membership up to the highest standards and ensuring that each of our members has passed a review process we have put together a group of some of the greatest wedding photographers on the continent. ”

I am so honoured and humbled to be included in this list of talented photographers.



  1. WOW, this is AWESOME news and fully deserved!
    You are truly a talented photographer.

  2. Baie baie geluk, verseker 'n eer om so erken te word as een van die bestes.

  3. Baie geluk Charl! Jy verdien dit! So bly vir jou.


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