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2 Jan 2010 | Chris & Stephanie | De Ouwe Klok

Chris en Stephanie was my first wedding for 2010. This was also the first time I had a wedding at DE OUWE KLOK. A venue that offers great photo opportunities. I loved all the different places to go with the couple to give them a wide spectrum of photos.

I hope that you also enjoy the photos.

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  1. Lovely photo's - indeed a beautiful couple on a beautiful day surrounded by an amazing setting and a talented photographer bringing the best out at every image! stunning!

  2. I just love the pictures! what a beautiful bride and handsome couple alltogether! ella

  3. WOW... What a beautiful wedding, couple, bride, bridesmaids and even those gentlemen look good. My hat goes off to the photographer! If i had to ever get married or maried in th Cape, i would definitely consider the Photographer... You two make a brilliant couple!! Congratulations!! And i wish you all the best for your many great years together, for ever!! M

  4. Today , me as the mother of the Bride went through the photos again and cant believe 4 years has already passed. Beautiful photos, the back ground just everything!


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