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16 May 2009 | Lumar & Ingrid | 12 APOSTELS

Wedding no: 114

Wedding date: 16 May 2009
Bride preparation venue: 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa
Groom preparation venue: The Bay Hotel
Ceremony venue: 12 Apostles
Photography venue: 12 Apostles
Reception venue: 12 Apostles


This was the horror weekend for all photographers – STORM WARNINGS in the news. Yes, this was really bad, Ingrid and Lumar from Pretoria getting married in Cape Town, wanted some nice romantic beach photos. Instead they got some really funky photos in the hotel. We had about 15 minutes outside and we really got some nice shots in that time. Luckily Ingrid and Lumar is such a great couple, they really didn’t panic and they just gave everything over to me. Their love and chemistry really made the photo session much easier, because “posing” chemistry is really difficult, they just did everything naturally.

This was the weekend that really tested all the wedding photographers,
this is why you pay more for photographers with experience, who can work in difficult circumstances and who can take those perfect shots when the rain clear for a few minutes.

I hope that you enjoy the photos.
I normally load 50-60 photos, but, at this wedding there was just too much photos, so, enjoy the 140+ photos of this wedding.

This is my tips for brides to be:
  1. Stay in love. It really show in photos.
  2. If you have the right photographer – don’t stress.
  3. Be adventures and do everything your photographers ask.

This was my last wedding for this wedding season. I hope that you enjoyed my blog this season. I will post some photos of weddings I did last year during the off season.

We took these photos in the Penthouse suite in The Bay Hotel, Thanx Gideon.

beautiful sisters

Make-up by: Candice Leigh Hair and Make-up
083 441 8755

What a beautiful bride...

Their kiss reflect in the table

Some time outside - the wind was really strong!

Video by: Olive Juice
Eric - 082 531 8100

few minutes outside - it started to rain and we had to run inside

reflection in the mirror

few minutes outside - the rain was coming

Dekor & flowers by: The Duke & Duchess
Gerrit van Niekerk - 083 266 1800

the food at 12 Apostels are good looking and really taste great!

Ingrid was a little emotional, beautiful.




  1. Lumar en Ingrid
    Julle foto's lyk fantasties. Wow!!!

  2. May I be the 1st to comment on this FUNKY and CREATIVE SHOOT! As one of Charl's previous brides - it's amazing to see how he grows and how his photo's evolve. Well done for working with CT weather. I got married at the 12A and I'm glad to see that a few improvements were made to the marquee. Great job!

  3. Baie geluk Lumar en Ingrid. Julle het baie mooi gelyk. Groete. oom Koos en tannie Ingrid.

  4. Charl.... ongelooflike werk, absoluut ongelooflik!

    Lumar & Ingrid... kan nie glo jy's dieselfde outjie saam met wie ek jare terug in die sandpit gespeel het nie. Die foto's is fantasties! Julle maak die mooiste paartjie. Bid vir julle die mees geseënde huwelik toe.

    Groete Enslien

  5. Lumar en Ingrid, julle het pragtig gelyk. Ek en Nadine sit lekker hier in Austin Texas na julle fotos en kyk. Nogmaals baie geluk en mag julle toekoms gevul wees met al die mooi dinge van die lewe. God's Rykste Seen. Liefde groete

  6. Ai ai ai!!!!

    wat n fantastiese paartjie!!!!

    Al die geluk, liefde en vreugde vir julle!!!

    Eks baie lief vir julle!!!

    Ingrid se maaikie
    Yollie *******

  7. Hallo Ingrid
    Julle foto's lyk fantasties!!!!! veral die een met jou traandruppel. Mag julle baie seën ervaar vir jul eerste jaar wat voorlê.
    Baie Liefde
    Denise (ametz buddy : jare gelede, hee-hee)

  8. Sjoe maar jy was 'n pragtige bruid, ek en Jonathan het nou na die foto's gesit en kyk. Baie geluk, kannie glo dis dieselfde dogtertjie wat ek as tweejarige leer ken het nie. Baie, baie geluk, en liefde vir julle, groet vir jou sussies ook!


  9. Stunning Ingrid! Truly breathtaking!


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