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21 March 2009 Sam & Adam (KIRSTENBOSCH)

Wedding no: 105

Wedding date: 21 Maart 2009
Bride preparation venue: Unknown
Ceremony venue: Kirstenbosch– Sculpture garden
Photography venue: Kirstenbosch
Reception venue: Silver Tree Restaurant

This was my first "official" wedding at the Kirstenbosch gardens. What a great venue, the only thing is that Kirstenbosch has a stupid rule that you can't take photos where you want to. You are only supposed to take photos near the Sculpture garden area, but we went off the road (bundu bashing) and took some photos at great places.

Sam and Adan had a very interesting and busy day, they had their ceremony at 14:00. A hawk flew in to deliver the rings. After the photo shoot, they had a reception for some guests, after that, we went for another photo shoot and then they changed the reception area for the evening party, some more guests arrived and had a great party.

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Me at work:
I like to climb into trees, to get this great angles, if I am not in a tree, then I will be lying on the ground

I just love photos where you see the lovely venue.

WOW!!! Adam must have entered SA IDOLS. He sang 3 songs, everyone enjoyed it very much.
He is very talented.

Adam and Sam really organized a great reception, with a lot of entertainment. They also had a belly dancer, and YES, everyone enjoyed her, some enjoyed her too much.



  1. I love how you climbed that tree and got some awesome shots. I also like the Rocks with their names on them. Nice touch. Your shots are awesome!

    For me I am just starting out and still taking Photography school at the Southern Alberta Institude of Technology here in Calgary Alberta Canada.

    I seem to like taking pictures of wild animals at the zoo and landscapes...but I have not found an area I am stronger in yet. One day I will have that.

    Thank you for letting me view your photographs and accepting comments.

    Janet Werstroh
    Take a Peek Photography

  2. Thank you Janet.

    Taking photos are so great, I just love that my passion and hobby pay the bills. Not a lot of people can say that. Photography is really one of the best jobs there are.

    My motto for photography is:

  3. Just wanted to let you know all my friends on facebook and peeps ive emailed are saying what an incredible and creative photographer you are.....

    sam and adam.

  4. What stunning pictures WOW!

    Sales and Wedding Planner

  5. Charl what awesome pics once again. Wow you have such a talent and a gr8man of God. Sam & Adam you guys look stunning. love the nature pics and the hawk, oh my word....just amazing!

  6. ek bly om tesien jy kan nog boom klim jou foto`s is puik Charl as ek trou laat ek jou op vleig vir my troue en foto`s

    Hannes Filander

  7. Great Photo's great wedding, great couple.


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